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  • Lara
    I have always lived with psoriasis. Any stress causes a rapid deterioration, and from this many problems arise immediately. For Dr. THROUGH, my whole life has been spent around treating skin irritation. However, for six months now, I have forgotten all these endless procedures. A 28-day course and a long-term apology.
    Dr. DERM
  • Jan
    Only those suffering from psoriasis can fully imagine the worries they have to live with. Persistent restrictions, diet, medication do not give any guarantee that a deterioration will not occur. All the more so my gratitude to the creators of Dr. THROUGH who left all these moments in my past. Now I am healthy and happy!
    Dr. DERM
  • Maša
    It is difficult to find a cure for psoriasis for a 14 year old child. Such sensitive skin can react unpredictably and instead of treatment, the opposite result will be obtained. We tried many remedies, and only Drs. DERM with a natural composition suited my daughter perfectly. Stops irritation in a short time and completely regenerates the skin.
    Dr. DERM
  • Luka
    My skin reacts to the cold every time. I already know that with the arrival of winter, I will start to have problems. But now I have found an effective remedy for this disaster - Dr. DEADLINE. At the first symptoms, it puts him in inflammation and does not let him progress. This medicine helps me stay in line at any time of the year, it does not cause allergies because it is natural.
    Dr. DERM
  • Lana
    Do you think the worst thing about psoriasis is plaques on the skin? Not at all! Psychological pressure and the need to constantly prove that you are not contagious - that's it! In a situation where the practice of treatment does not help, depression is guaranteed. Therefore I appreciate Dr. PERM, - works perfectly and the improvement starts after the first applications.
    Dr. DERM
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